Chapter 1: Every Great Story Begins With a Hero.

There once was a large family of seahorses who lived in a small but secluded coral reef in quite nearly the very center of the Great Ocean. Nothing particularly exciting ever happened in the reef, but that was the way the seahorses liked it. They could frolic as they saw fit and play with the anemones without fear of being hunted. Renaldo, the patriarch of the family, spent every waking moment with his thousands of children, and never wanted it any other way.

You see, this was the sort of place where dreams and everyday life blend together like a protein shake of magical goodness, soothing to the soul after a rigorous morning date with calisthenics. Not one shark, not one barracuda, not one killer whale or seal, nary a porpoise, octopus, ravenous and ambitious sea serpent, nor any predator of any make, model or species had been within 10 nautical miles of this reef.

That is, until the Lobsters.

It started with two cute little adolescent lobsters who had been caught up in an adventurous date and found themselves scuttling along, wrestling with a fierce underwater current thrice their strength. Two little teenage arthropods who would change the face of not only the reef, but soon...the entire world.

... To be continued ...

Jack McDade

Oh, and in case you're wondering who's behind the curtain. It's okay. Jack McDade and his crustacean minions are responsible for this machine. That is, unless you have a problem with his other work.

The Lobster War Machine is here to devour you.