Postman for ExpressionEngine 2

Ridiculously reliable transactional email for EE2.

Version 1.0.6

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Create unlimited, HTML/Text emails to "trigger" via template tags


Configure your Postmark or PostageApp account's sender details


For those times when your site’s email server isn’t 100% reliable. For those sites where it’s absolutely critical that your users get their emails. When fractions of a penny are nothing to you or your client. When “maybe” just isn’t an option, there’s Postman.

Silly marketing spin aside, Postman offers the reliability of 3rd party transaction email services with the ease of ExpressionEngine template tags. And if you're one of the many people who bought the Fusion Ad Bundle, you already have a Postmark account. What are you waiting for?

Convenience & Simplicity

Postman brings an extremely simple approach to creating and triggering transactional or one-off emails on your ExpressionEngine sites. You can create Postman-managed static HTML/Text emails in the module itself, or simply set the template parameter and include any of your standard EE templates.

Either way, they're fully template parsed before being sent, giving you the ability to use all EE tags. Sending an email is as easy as:

{exp:postman:send email="thank-you"}

Why Postmark and PostageApp?

Because these guys are pros. Email delivery is an industry to itself, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Let's let them worry about the details like ISIPP accreditation, delivery monitoring, whitelisting, ISP throttling, feedback looping, and bounce management.

Additionally, you can use their reporting and activity dashboards to see what's a-happening: sends, bounces, spam complaints, the whole 9 yards.

If there are other great services out there with robust APIs, we'll happily add support for them as well. Postman will also use the native ExpressionEngine email capabilities if you don't have an account.

Postman Features

  • Postman Emails or Templates

    Postman can use either it's own managed emails (HTML/Text multi-part, of course), complete with its own preferences, or any existing EE template from any group.

  • Full-On Template Parsing

    Whether you use the Postman-managed emails or EE Templates, rest assured that all your EE tags will be rendered properly as the email is sent.

  • Multiple “Carrier” Options

    Postman currently supports both Postmark and PostageApp as delivery options, in addition to ExpressionEngine's native Email capabilities. Just keep in mind that their pricing structures and feature sets do vary.

  • Send to Multiple Recipients

    While it's no bulk/mass email marketing tool (plenty of other options for that), Postman can send to multiple users as well as cc/bcc. Rough limits are approximately 500 with Postmark and 3,500+ with PostageApp.

  • Decide Now or Later

    Postman gives you the option of settings various parameters (e.g. Subject Line and Reply-To) on the Email/Settings level, or on the fly in your templates.

  • Robust Feature Roadmap

    While Postman is launching with a complete feature-set, there are many places for it to grow. You tell us what you'd like to see Postman do!

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